Thin thickness sheet slitting line
  • Thin thickness sheet slitting line

Thin thickness sheet slitting line

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Metal steel slitting machin:

  • It is restricted to cutting relatively thin metal materials.
  • It can involve both ferrous and nonferrous metals.
  • Generally requires a high quality production tool to assure consistent quality in controlling metal width.
  • Slitting blades are designed depending on the job required.

The three critical determinants of slitting cutter slitts lineinclude on Slitting machine :

•The work piece material thickness

•The type of material to be slit

•The tolerances that must be held while slitting.

Now we also have one quite simply slitting machine, you need to make it work manuully. This set of slitting machine

is suit for low amount of work. And the price for this machine is quite cheap.

Main specification of steel slitting line.

1.Raw Material

1). Material : carbon steel and others

2). The thickness of the material:0.4mm-5mm.



4),Input width:600-1600mm

2. the process

Decoiler ----flatting and cutting---slitting-----flatting and collecting

3.Hydraulic Decoiler with car

1). The inner size:450--610mm
2). The Max width:1250mm
3). The capacity :5T

4. Flatting and Cutting System

1). 2 shafts for feeding coil.9 shafts for flatting

2).material of flatting:42CrMo heat treated 50-52.

3).hydraulic system.2 sets cutting blade

4).width of cutting:600mm--1220mm.

5).the material of blade mould:Gr12MoV

6).power :22KW Motor with ZQ650 Reducer

5.slitting syste

1). The width range :200--1300mm

2). The precious of the width:±1mm

3). The speed of slitting:25m/min

4). The width can be change.

5). Material of the slitting: Cr12MoV. Hardness

of slitting blade:HRC5860.   

6).slitting:2~3mm 6 lines.

7).quantity of blades:10 sets .

8).Width of side scrap:3-15mm

9).The precious of side scrap:±0.5mm

10).Quantity of side scrap:2 strips

11).Slitting burr:

12).Power of the slitting:37KW,1000r/min,with ZQ750 Reducer.

6. Control System

1). Screen:3.2inch button screen

2). PLC:Delta

7. Electrical collecting machine with car

1). Material inner : 550-650mm

2). Max Coil width:1500mm

3). Carrying capacity:5T

4). Automatic relax or collect

5). Power:22KW

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